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Since 2010 All-Russian Union of patients organizes All-Russian Congress of patients, supported by the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) and other key institutions.

The main aims of the Congress are: to develop the arrangement of communication between government and society in the sphere of health care, to improve accessibility of medical help for citizens and to raise the quality of the service in the whole system of health care in Russian Federation.

Congress is the platform, uniting society, professionals and government. By their joint efforts, it became the largest national healthcare event.

On the first day of the Congress a plenary meeting is traditionally held with participation of the Russian Minister of Health and the heads of other federal institutions.

Panel discussions on the up-to-date problems are organized with participation of the heads of the Ministry of health care, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Federal Service of Supervision in the sphere of health care, the Federal Fund of Mandatory Medical Insurance and other relevant pubic and state institutions, representatives of the United Nations and World Health Organization, the Public Chamber, All-Russian Popular Front, as well as representatives of the patient community and leading experts in a large number of different fields of science, pharmaceutical industry, insurance and social protection.

Congress is the platform for modeling the technologies of patient movement and social participation in the sphere of health care. We hold educational seminars on processes of organizing the work of patient societies, interaction between government and non-commercial organizations, improving quality of health services and its accessibility for the citizens. Representatives of social unions for the protection of the rights of patients at health care institutions coordinate their actions.

In general, the Congress sums up the results of public-state interaction in healthcare sphere of the last year and sets guidelines for the next period.

As the result of summarizing all the information given at the Congress, the recommendations for the development of the main directions of the healthcare system are worked out. These directions are sent to relevant authorities and to the President of Russian Federation.

The work of Congress continues for the whole year. Representatives of the Congress, heads of patient organizations take part in talks with relevant institutions of legislative and executive authorities of Russian Federation as committees, commissions, working groups or experts.

More than 150 topic sessions are held during the Congress. Representatives of more than 180 social organizations and 210 public councils from all parts of Russia take part in it, as well as participants from foreign countries.

Results of the Congress and its summary, the experience of interaction between society and government in the sphere of health care is presented by patient organizations at international platforms: in international patient alliances, professional conferences and in the United Nations.

XI All-Russian Congress of patients “Development Vector: health care, focused on a patient” will be held online on 26-29 of November 2020.

We ask everyone interested in participating to pre-register here.

Registered participants will receive the information about the opening of the Congress virtual platform.


Congress headquarters: congress@patients.ru +7 495 612 2053
For participants: delegat@patients.ru +7 906 346 9308 Anna Kozhuhova

For sponsors: congress.patients@gmail.com +7 916 389 4367

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